Kolkata sonagachi call girls number & their rates per night

In this post we are going to talk about the place Named SONAGACHI Which is the largest red light area not only in India but also in asia.here we are not going to talk about poverty and other bad things about sonagachi rather than we will focus on positive things about sonagachi.its the place where you can get easily girls for what type and kind you need.money is only biggest factor.If you give money you will get that Kind of girl you need.From the aunty type of girls (mostly called massi) and other kind of girls like film rejected heroine and from college girls to house wife you will get everykind of girl here in Sonagachi.We know very little about sonagchi and most of the stuff written in internet are projecting bad image of sonagachi. it is not like that.there are place where you can be treated like gentle man.there are many kuthis available in sonagachi padma kuthi,nil kuthi and other kotha where you can get quality girls and girls who will treat you good and with very gentle way.

Sonagachi call girls & their rates :

sonagachi is a place where you can get girls in 200 and also in 2000 and also in 20,000/ per night .it depends on quality of the girl and quality of the service.Wide range of girls are available.From housewife to college girls who are rather desperate to earn some extra bucks here come in the search of money and clients.and most of them are from good middle class family.but their family does not  know that they are doing prostitution in kolkata .as though prostitution are not legal in our country.and if any legal authorities know that you are selling your body for sex in the exchange of money or some other luring gifts then you can be in trouble.but as long as you are doing this things in closed hotel room or some safe place then you are safe.and sonagachi is most safe place for sex.though you need some local contacts or guts to face and deal with those girls and their dalals .
Here i will provide some contact number of some dalals or sonagchi call girls that you can call and you can go.but remember one thing ,this blog doesnot promote any how any kind of sexual activity or some thing .we are srtictly against any kind of child prostitution or child abuse. and information are collected from internet.so,you need to research thoroughly before going there.

Call girls Mobile number:

Call girl nandini Mobile number:  8296889530 .her age is around 30.
Call girl nivedita whatsapp Number: 8620068356. her age is around 34 aunty type boudi type.
call girl riya facebook profile number: 9830895178.
Bengali college girl gmail id : pdey0343 at gmail.com
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ReMINDER: all mobile no and contacts are not from sonagachi they are from near by areas.main key thing to approach this girls are to contact them and try to offer and friendship and then proceed further.if you like them then do the rest of the thing.but be gentle and dont make any rude comments because remember every one is human being.
best of luck and happy hunting.i will update those numbers by time to time and keep visiting this blog.

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